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Oven Chain Lubricants High Temperature


Grograph 201 Colloidal Graphite In PEG

Grograph 201 is a High Temperature Chain Lubricant specially developed for use on chains that do not cool to ambient temperatures.  201 can be applied at 160 C plus.  As the operating temperature increases the carrier vaporizes off leaving behind a tenacious Graphite coating.  No hard to remove carbon build-up is formed which not only creates abrasive matter but also leads to costly clean-up.

All that remains is a tenacious, highly lubricating film.

  • Excellent lubricant in liquid form.
  • Excellent dry film lubricant.
  • Greatly reduces the need to de-scale chains or surfaces.
  • There is no abrasive carbon build up.
  • Reduces wear.
  • Reduces operating costs.
  • Non-toxic.
  • Billet Pre-heating in:  Extrusion plants (Brass, Copper and Aluminium), forging and grinding ball manufacture
  • Metal heat treatment.  Annealing, normalizing ovens. Ductile iron pipe manufacture etc.
  • Cement manufacture. Rotary kilns.  Trunnion roller lubricant.
  • Industrial and Bread ovens.
  • Dryers.
  • Insulation manufacture.
  • Forging.
  • Any high temperature chain including Bakery Ovens
Lubricant: Micronised Graphite
Colour: Black
Carrier: Polyethylene Glycol
Consistency: Thin Liquid.
Density: 1.20
Flash Point: 215 C Closed Cup.
Viscosity: 7.5 – 7.9cs at 40 C
Shelf life: 2 years.
Particle size: 1 – 2 microns

Surfaces should be clean and dry.  Any previous deposits should be removed.
201 can be applied by brush, spray, drip or dip method.
201 is supplied in a ready to use form.


201 is not based on mineral spirits and therefore greatly reduces the likelihood of an explosion happening due to build up of fumes in the oven.  It is a far more appropriate product regarding Workplace Safety requirements.                


25 kg pail.

This product was developed in Australia and in manufactured in our Sydney factory.

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FJ9220 Oven Chain Lubricant is a specially developed Non-Toxic, water-based oven chain lubricant for use in food and industrial type ovens.


FJ9220 can be diluted up to 3 times with tap water and agitated with an electric drill. The solids in the mixture will stay in suspension giving a consistent mixture that can be applied to the chain. If the diluted mixture is left overnight or longer, slight agitation will be required to ensure re-dispersion of the mix



Typical Uses.


Lubricating Oven chains.




FJ 9220 has been developed for bakeries that have down time from baking and can therefore lubricate a warm chain. FJ9220 should be applied to the moving chain at no more than 90C


There is no hard, difficult to remove coating left behind like that found when mineral oil based lubricants are used. Fumes are greatly reduced.


FJ9220 is used successfully by many Australian Bread Manufacturers.

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Prover Lubricant


Prover Lubricant is a long established lubricant for use on Bakery Prover Ovens. Bread Provers are used prior the final baking. It helps bakeries and patisseries improve the fermentation process.

Prover Lubricant can also be used in to assist in Baking ovens if the normal lubricant is not available. At high temperatures, when the carrier may vaporize off, the solid film of graphite will continue to supply lubrication.


General Product Description

Prover Lubricant is manufactured from highly refined Base Oils and consists of saturated paraffinic and cycloparaffinic hydrocarbons containing very small particle size micronized Graphite. The graphite provides excellent lubricating properties at normal operating temperatures of bakery ovens.

Product must be stirred prior to and regularly during application.


Typical Uses.


Prover Ovens



Typical Chemical Analysis.

Colour. Black.

Odour. Mineral oil.

Flash Point. >230C

Container. 20 L

Applied with brush, spray of drip feed.

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iso certified


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& Son Pty. Ltd.
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