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High Temperature Lubricants


AL63 Colloidal Graphite In Water

AL63 colloidal graphite in water is a thixtropic, fully stabilised suspension of high quality natural graphite. Film forming agents are present giving the product very good and proven film forming characteristics on metallic substrates.

After the evaporation of the water carrier, a fine durable, smooth, even coating is producted.

Typical uses
  • For the lubrication of die-sets used in the hot forging of ferrous billets.
  • Hammer and press forgings.
  • Production of grinding balls used in the mining industry.
  • Gasket materials
  • Metal to metal/plastic contact lubrication
Advantages of using AL63.
  • Promotes long die life, even where steep draft angles and extensive metal displacements are required.
  • Prevention of billet to die adhesion. (No stickers)
  • accurate filling of dies.
  • Prevention of ejector pin seizure.
  • Assistance of scale removal from the billet surface.
  • Proven performance in all areas of forging over many years.
  • Greatly reduced fuming compared with oil based lubricants.
  • Very economical
Typical Characteristics
Solids Content.  30% natural graphite.
Specific Gravity. 1.2
PH 10.2
Particle Size 1 - 5 microns

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Grograph 201, Colloidal Graphite In PEG

Grograph 201 is a High Temperature Chain Lubricant specially developed for use on chains that do not cool to ambient temperatures.  201 can be applied at 160 C plus.  As the operating temperature increases the carrier vaporizes off leaving behind a tenacious Graphite coating.  No hard to remove carbon build-up is formed which not only creates abrasive matter but also leads to costly clean-up.


  • Excellent lubricant in liquid form.
  • Excellent dry film lubricant.
  • Greatly reduces the need to de-scale chains or surfaces.
  • There is no abrasive carbon build up.
  • Reduces wear.
  • Reduces operating costs.
  • Non-toxic.
Typical Uses
  • Billet Pre-heating in:  Extrusion plants (Brass, Copper and Aluminium), forging and grinding ball manufacture
  • Metal heat treatment.  Annealing, normalizing ovens. Ductile iron pipe manufacture etc.
  • Cement manufacture. Rotary kilns.  Trunnion roller lubricant.
  • Industrial and Bread ovens
  • Insulation manufacture.
  • Any high temperature chain including Bakery Ovens
Lubricant: Micronised Graphite
Colour: Black
Carrier: Polyethylene Glycol
Consistency: Thin Liquid.
Density: 1.20
Flash Point: 215 C Closed Cup.
Viscosity: 7.5 – 7.9cs at 40 C
Shelf life: 2 years.
Particle size: 1 – 2 microns

Surfaces should be clean and dry.  Any previous deposits should be removed.
201 can be applied by brush, spray, drip or dip method.
201 is supplied in a ready to use form.


201 is not based on mineral spirits and therefore greatly reduces the likelihood of an explosion happening due to build up of fumes in the oven.  It is a far more appropriate product regarding Workplace Safety requirements.                


25 kg pail.

This product was developed in Australia and in manufactured in our Sydney factory.


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